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Every week, we track down some of our most interesting brothers and ask them about their passions, experiences, goals, and - of course - AKPsi . Have fun meeting some of the most impressive and inspiring brothers here in Alpha Kappa Psi at USC.

Meet KJ!

Year: Senior
Major: Business Administration
Minor: Global Communication
Home Town: Tacoma, Washington
Hobbies: AKPsi, Learning Korean, Watching Horror Movies, Learning About How Artists Can Improve, Keeping It 100% Real

Kaijona (KJ) Wade pledged AKPsi in Fall of 2013 and since then has been on our Executive Board twice and a part of the Pledge Instructional Committee twice all while pursuing - and succeeding - in her professional goals.

What is her secret to success?

"Explore and pursue your true passions early on in life. Try out new things and at least through the process of elimination you will figure out what you like to do. But the key is to work hard...suffer until the end."

While exploring new experiences at USC, KJ studied abroad twice. What was that like?

"Freshman year I went to Chile with USC Marshall's LINC program. I wanted to go to a Spanish speaking country first because I learned Spanish in high school. Chile was peaceful and incredibly similar to LA, though the people looked very different - very diverse - but they all spoke Spanish. Then, I went to South Korea to study at Seoul National University for a semester. This was my first time in Asia and I loved it. The fast and efficient public transportation, the fact that everything is open late at night, and that it feels safe to walk/travel at night. And, the food is delicious and cheap!"

What's her favorite Korean food?

"Bibim Naengmyun! ... and Mul Naengmyun too. (Cold buckwheat noodles tossed in spicy sauce and cold buckwheat noodles in chilled broth.)

Experiencing so much throughout her life, what does she feel is her greatest accomplishment in life?

"Going to Japan over winter break by myself. I bought the ticket 3 days before on a whim because it was only $600 round trip! I didn't know the language but Google Maps is on point in Japan, so I just made my way around using Google Maps and looked up the "best places to visit in Japan". Fun fact: the Japanese people eat KFC and cake for Christmas."

So what's next for KJ?

"My dream is to create a "YG Entertainment" in the U.S. (YG Entertainment is one of the "big three" entertainment companies in South Korea. They're known for the incredible international success of their artists/groups, notably BIGBANG, 2NE1, Psy and BLACKPINK.)"

"Beyond work, I took a class sophomore year called Living Traditions of Hindu Yoga. Every class was based around asking questions about the text or theory that you didn't understand. It was really deep and interesting so now I want to try Kundalini Yoga."

"Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with Infinity, and it's the art to experience Infinity in the finite."

-Yogi Bhajan, 10/27/88

And that's all folks!

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Huge thank you to Joyce Kim for interviewing KJ Wade and Chris Tan for the photo.




Meet Karina!

Year: Sophomore
Major: Double major in International Relations Global Business and Communications
Hometown: Hong Kong
Hobbies: Practicing Chinese Calligraphy, KPop & Looking for more!

Karina Tsang recently pledged AKPsi in Fall of 2016 while balancing over 20 credit units, acquiring a coveted research position, and finding new cool places to hang out.

And what exactly is the research position?

"After class, I stayed back to speak to an IR professor about a research opportunity and [it] turns out she’s not only in charge of the program, she’s in charge of the whole school of IR undergraduate research program...she just started [this program] in the SPEC Lab and it’s focused on the South China Sea dispute and I realized it’s the first data collection ever on the military deployment in the area. It's really interesting and incredibly important research."

How does she do it all?

"Know yourself, your limits, and how your body reacts. Find a study method that works and use a planner to plan 2 weeks ahead. And whipped cream. Lots of whipped cream." 

Sure...but what about caffeine?

...If I want to sleep early, I drink tea. If I want to sleep late (to study), I do caffeine. Yeah, any kind of black tea, like earl grey or English breakfast. If I’m on a diet, I'll get tea. If I’m not on a diet, I'll get a white chocolate mocha.” *laughs* “Oh, and always with whip cream! I love whip cream. I used to have a bottle of whip cream in a my high school dorm room, in the fridge, that I [would] just eat.

Any advice for her future self?

"If you mess up then don’t worry too much."

And of course, her favorite AKPsi memory?

I don’t have a definite favorite memory, but I definitely miss pledging...It’s good because often I stress myself out out of nowhere, and I often have to go through that on my own...and so just having people around you going through the same thing and they are as motivated as you so they also have so much that they want to do, and they say “yeah I’m going to get through it.’...That’s my favorite part: they don’t tell you to just escape your problems and don’t do [so much], they get through it with you together.

And that's all folks!

Stay tuned for next week's piece!

Huge thank you to Joyce Kim for interviewing Karina Tsang and Chris Tan for the photo.