What We Do

Overview of Pledge Program

Our pledge program is dedicated to preparing our Brothers for life beyond college. We host an 8-week program that refines hard and soft skills. When they finish the program, our Brothers leave with more confidence to tackle the recruiting process of many top-tier corporations. With a refined resume, improved interview skills, and an expanded network of talented individuals, we ensure they have the tools to succeed in the business world. We also emphasize the development of our Brothers’ social skills. In the end, they leave the program with a tight-knit group of students who they consider family. We believe in order to succeed, our Brothers require a balanced mix of social and professional intuition.

AZ Groups

Within the Alpha Zeta chapter, we have smaller branches called AZ Groups, which are comprised of active Brothers who are collectively pursuing a career in a similar field. We have the following AZ Groups:

AZ 13: Specializes in investment banking and finance

AZ Consulting: Prepares our Brothers for a career in consulting

AZ B4: Focuses on the Big Four accounting firms

AZ Biz Development: Gives our Brothers the solid foundation needed to pursue a career in business management

AZ Startups: Dedicated to giving our Brothers more knowledge on the startup ecosystem and how to strategically startup their own business

business Services

The work of our AZ Groups is not limited to just our chapter. AZ 13 has started an investment fund and boasts a superb training program for those pursuing a career in finance. AZ Consulting has also advised real world companies and projects, including Bezalel and The ARA Project. Our Brothers are encouraged to diversify their interests through these AZ Groups, and as a result, many have found a career path that they are passionate about!

Community Service

Our chapter also believes in giving back to the community that we grew up in during our time in college. Last semester we organized a feminine care drive for the homeless women on Skid Row near Downtown Los Angeles. We plan to continue giving back to strengthen our ties with the surrounding community and really build a relationship that lasts for years to come.